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10 July 2012

 Left Port July 7th 2012

Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club

Hard 8

Sandy Point Lighthouse - Abundance of Sand Dollars and Starfish

Baccaro Lighthouse

Baccaro Weather Station


Cape Sable Lighthouse

Rush Hour on the Ocean

End of Day 3

Birds Eye View

Irish Mossers at Work

Cormerants and their Young

White Point (rebuilding after fire)

Little Hope Lighthouse washed away in Dec. 2003 Storm

Coffin Island Lighthouse

Bowater Mersey Pulp Mill

Mersery Seafoods - Shrimp and Scallop Boats


  1. Awesome Pictures! I see you guys have had great weather!! :) .. Love you both <3

  2. Hello, this is Russ Rowlett, webmaster of the Lighthouse Directory (, hosted at the University of North Carolina, USA. I'd like to use your photo of the Cape Sable lighthouse on the Directory's page for Southern Nova Scotia ( I posted this photo after it was sent to me by Mr. Bruce Bishop of Clark's Harbour, one of the organizers of the Friends of the Cape Sable Lighthouse ( I just discovered that it is actually your photo. The Directory is an educational project, completely non-commercial. Please take a look (2/3 of the way down the page); I hope you will think this is a fair use and will allow the photo to remain on the page.