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18 July 2012

Port Medway Lighthouse

Medway Head Lighthouse

Diving for Scallops in Port Medway

The Diver is watching Us

West Ironbound and the Keepers (Sheep)

Fort Point Lighthouse ( Lahave)

Lahave Bakery - Always a great stop by road or water.

LaHave Cable Ferry

Neighbors for the Night at Obstacle Island
(outside of Lahave)

Ashore on Obstacle Island

Osprey Feeding Her Young

Cross Island Lighthouse

High and Dry

Pearl Island Lighthouse

Gunning Point Lighthouse

Ring Around the Sun - Trouble is Brewing!

Battery Point Lighthouse - Lunenburg

Town of Lunenburg

Fisheries Museum of Lunenburg

Restoration of the Bluenose II

Little Duck Island - Nest in Every Tree

Indian Harbour Lighthouse

Lighthouse Creator (Gilbert) and Keeper (Carolyn) 

Indian Harbour Sunset

Pennant Harbour Lighthouse

(outside Halifax Harbour)

Oh So Close ...

1 comment:

  1. I love the pictures of the Osprey and the Whales. What a thrill it must have been to see those so close by.