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10 May 2014

Sun? Rain?
Captain's Air Ride Seat
(The seat is a little low :))

Post Office
(Mailed my Mothers Day Card From)
Olga County Dock
Beautiful Starfish in a nook adjacent to Rolfe Cove.
 Anchorage for one boat with a stern line tied to the shore, very peaceful with hundreds of frogs singing to us.

Semiahmoo Resort and Spa,
Built on an old cannery site overlooking Boundary Bay

Water Tower and old Cannery Building located on the Semiahmoo Spit
Welcoming Committee to Blaine Harbor
Found Someone to Talk to....80yr old Captain of the Paula May,
Salmon and Crab Fisherman


Setting the Spinnaker

Kimball Cove, Decatur Island
Little Beach Combing

Deer Crossing
Cattle Point Lighthouse on San Juan Island, in the Haro Straits of Washington. Its first light was a lens lantern on a post erected in 1888. In 1921, the US Navy installed a radio compass station.

9 May 2014

Lime Kiln Point Lighthouse, Built in 1919
(National Register of Historic Places)
Anchored in Watmough Bay, Lopez Island
Invaded by the Locals (Otters)

Not as Cute and Cuddly as I Thought. Look at those Teeth!!!


Roche Harbour Marina, North West San Juan Island
Where's the Tumbleweed??
 Hotel De Haro built in 1886, very well maintained and beautiful grounds.

Original Limestone Kilns in the Background


Roche Harbour Marina Mink

Islands in the San Juan Islands


Anacortes Peeking between two Islands


 Seals Piled High
Bald Eagles Everywhere