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26 July 2012


Barra Strait Canal

Railway Bridge

Highway Bridge

Kidston Island Light - West End

Kidston Island Lighthouse

Finding Shelter before the Storm - off Baddeck

Carter's Point Lighthouse

Gregory Island Lighthouse

Which one of these is Not Like the Other

Cape George Harbour Light

Cameron Island Lighthouse

Cow Island - West Bay

Harvesting Oysters :)

SOOO Many Mussels - Yum

Green Island Lighthouse

First Puffin's off Green Island

Grandique Point Lighthouse

River Bourgeois Lighthouse

Jerome Point Lighthouse

St. Peter's Canal

The Gates are Opening

Swinging Bridge (Roadway)

Cranberry Island Lighthouse
 Behind Us
Beside Us

Canso Front and Rear Range Lights


Canso Range Lights

It Got Rough ;(

Marche Point Lighthouse

Jerseyman Pt. Lighthouse

22 July 2012

Looking down from Liscomb Lodge
"What a Beautiful Little Boat"

Relaxing at Liscomb Lodge

Port Bickerton Lighthouse

Country Island Lighthouse

Schooner Heading West


Whitehead Lighthouse

Three Top Island

Three Top Island Lighthouse


18 July 2012

Amazing Waterfront Homes

Monday Morning Traffic

Devils Islands South West Range Light

Devils Island South East Lighthouse

Jeddore Rock Lighthouse

Egg Island Lighthouse

Owls Head Lighthouse

Fish Shack (Owls Head)

Sheet Rock Lighthouse
(seagull perched on top)

Sheet Harbour Passage Range Lights

Beaver Island Lighthouse

Liscomb Harbour Lighthouse

Liscomb Lodge Marina

Liscomb Lodge