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9 August 2012

Sunset over Isle Madame


Port Howe

Dead Whale at Port Howe.

Hog Island Light

Issac Harbour Lighthouse

Issac Harbour

Fishermen`s Harbour Light

Port Bickerton

Lobsters Aplenty

West Gibbs Island for the Night.

Early Morning Sunrise Over Sheet Harbour.

Spry Bay Lighthouse

Pope`s Harbour Light

Early Foggy Morning (follow the leader)

Eastern Passage

George's Island (Halifax)

Guns on George`s Island

Halifax Citadel

Downtown Halifax

More Cars arriving from Europe.

Theadore Tug Boat

Boats, Boats, Boats RNSYC

Dingle, Halifax Arm

McNabs Island Range Lights

Canadian Navy Recruits

Thick Nova Scotia Fog

Inner Sambro Island

Sambro Lighthouse

Garrison Marina (Under Construction)
Available: Hot Showers, Laundry, Fresh Produce
 and HotTea always left on the stove.

Shad Bay Lighthouse

Boularderie Island Range Lights

McNeil Beach Lighthouse
Bridge Ahead

Under We Go

Man of War Pt. Range Lights

Black Rock Point Lighthouse

Bird Islands in our sights,
winds were perfect for NFLD,
but not for the 1st mate, maybe next year.

Rocks painted naturally white.

The Flowerpot

Nesting in the Bush - Blue Heron

Puffins, Puffins, Puffins

Sun Bathing Beauty.

Ciboux Island Lighthouse

Point Aconi Power Plant

Rock Formation
(From a distance it looked like two people,
perhaps I have been to sea too long :) )

Anchorage for the Night

Morning Calm on the Great Bras d'Or Lake